Our Vision

Corporate housekeeping, entity management, legal admin, or whichever name you want to call it by, often does not have the highest priority for legal departments. Ad hoc urgent questions from the business, complicated transactions with tight deadlines, negotiations about contracts with enormous value, they matter. At the end of the deal, the paperwork is often shoved into a folder, the perspex tombstone added to the collection, and it's on to the next deal. There is just not enough time to ask: "How did that database work again?"

But if nobody ever gets around to updating the database and filing away the important documents, risks accumulate. You'll become dependent on the crucial information that your senior lawyer holds inside his head, but the newest recruit is blissfully unaware of. As the organisation grows, the larger the harder it is to keep track of everything. Timely registration of contractual obligations can definitely help avoid large risks. 

Contact us now to find out more about your options to outsource your corporate housekeeping. You'll thank us later. 


We make data simple

We like nothing better than to translate a complicated legal transaction into simple data. No, really! Databases sound boring, we know, but having the correct and actual data available is the best way to provide the required oversight into your business to your stakeholders. 

We keep your database up to date for you, we can produce orgcharts on demand, and we create entity compliance reports that'll blow your mind. 

We work with entity management software that you already have in your organisation. We can advise on how to leverage your software better and taylor it to your needs, or we'll help you to select and implement a new database if the old one does not cut it.

Advice and maintenance

Before we can enter into a maintenance contract for your corporate housekeeping, we'll always run an evaluation of the current state of affairs. We'll get you a quick analysis and our recommendations for setup and futureproofing the maintenance. Rather do it yourself than outsource? Our advice works for that scenario too. 

Honesty is our best policy. After all, you pay to have a problem solved - or even prevented. You will get the best we have to offer, even if the message may not be what you wanted to hear. On the bright side, you'll immediately get practical tips and our honest opinion on what it will take to reach your goals. 

Who are we?

Right now, "we" is just "me" - Linda Westhoff. Quite some years of experience in various fields have landed me in de best combination of support, legal, investigations, coaching and my super service-minded attitude :-) 


Mailing address: Catharina van Renneshof 2, 1421 KH Uithoorn, The Netherlands
Email: linda@corporatehousekeeping.com
Telefoon: +31 628 632294
KvK: 53855477


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